For most things you can refer to these general instructions:

Basic WordPress

You can also refer to already-published pages and posts for a model.

A few extra notes for you:


Edit the text for the “about Michelle” section at the bottom of the page in the homepage parent page.

The two banner images can be changed (replace the featured image) here:

left image

right image


The text at the top of the page is edited here.

When you want to update your resume:

  • upload the new resume to the media library
  • click the new pdf icon in the media library to open the sidebar information and copy the file’s url
  • replace the resume link’s url (select it and then click the pencil icon) in the pdf’s url field
  • save changes

When you want to add new images to the gallery of photos, go here.

Click on an image and then choose the “Select Gallery” icon above (stacked images) to open the whole gallery before editing. You can add and delete images and also move them around using the “< >” arrows.

When you want to replace the reel, you’ll want to:

  • upload the new mp4 to the media library
  • Get the url of the new video from the field in the media library
  • In this page click the three dots at the top-right of the page and choose “Code Editor” and replace the previous url (the bit in the first quotation marks of the source tag—eg “/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/reel.mp4”) with the url of the new video.
  • If you want to use a video that’s on YouTube, there is a sample alternative page with an embedded YouTube video.


To update text or the carousel of selected works at the top of the Photographer page, open this page. You can edit the text there (including changing the resume pdf url) and you can add/delete images from the gallery (see notes for the Actor page on these similar edits).

To add a new series, Go to the “Series” link in the black sidebar of the dashboard and click “Add New Series”.

Give your new series a name and add a gallery to which you upload all the images you want to display in this series. Be sure to select “One column” from the right sidebar so that they will display in one column.

If you want to re-arrange the order of the series accordions, you can drag them into a new position in the “Series” list in the dashboard.


You can change the text or image for the contact page here.


Don’t forget (see basics) to add image alt tags that describe the contents of your images and also to add brief page titles and meta descriptions that include keyword phrases that people might search for (keeping to the most you-specific terms you can think of rather than just “actor” or “photographer”).

Follow the links (above) for special pages for doing this site-wide SEO work from the dashboard sidebar.